Living Out Story

Living Out is the brainchild, or perhaps better characterized as the “heartchild” of Loren Ostrow and Paul Alanis, the principals of the development firm, KOAR International. It will be Southern California’s first and only luxury, 55+ active adult community designed for and marketed to the LGBTQ community.

For decades Ostrow, a respected leader in the LGBTQ community, has dreamt of using the KOAR development talents to create a safe, supportive, and enriched living environment in which LGBTQ seniors can live openly and thrive. The need for such an environment is obvious, as the LGBTQ community is currently faced with very limited options for welcoming and inclusive senior living environments. As Loren has stated:

“Knowing that too many LGBTQ seniors live in unsafe or even openly hostile environments, we wanted to address this issue that is near and dear to us. We have done so by creating a safe and beautiful community that meets the unique needs of our seniors as we begin the next chapter of our lives.”

Ostrow and Alanis began working in earnest on the Living Out project nearly four years ago, acquiring the nine acre East Tahquitz Canyon Way site, conducting research and focus groups within the LGBTQ community regarding their concept, and assembling, directing, and funding the architect, designers and other professionals needed to design a first-class living environment for those who would eventually call Living Out their home.

On November 5, 2021, Living Out breaks ground and our dream becomes reality.

“As LGBTQ people, we had to learn to navigate a world that wasn't built for us. But now, Living Out reverses that paradigm by building

A World Especially For Us!”

- Loren Ostrow

The Living Out Team

Loren Ostrow

Highly Respected LGBTQ Community Leader and Philanthropist, Seasoned Developer, and Visionary Leader of Living Out

Paul Alanis

Expert Property Developer and Manager, Ally of the LGBTQ Community and Long-time Desert Resident

Richard Delaney

General Manager, oversees the day-to-day operation of Living Out, Palm Springs

LuAnn Boylan

Sales and Marketing Expert and LGBTQ Community Leader and Philanthropist

Watch How Living Out Was Built

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