Alice B.
Restaurant & Bar

Alice B.

Living Out is thrilled to offer a new restaurant and bar from award-winning chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken. Alice B. combines Southern California’s incredible seasonal bounty with Mediterranean-leaning flavors. The culinary vision is a collaborative effort between Feniger, Milliken and Executive Chef Lance Velasquez.

Inspired by the extraordinary life of Alice B. Toklas and her life partner Gertrude Stein, the restaurant establishes a vibrant space where culinary excellence, art, and community converge seamlessly.

Dinner reservations for indoor and al fresco dining are available Wednesday – Sunday starting at 5PM. Our bar menu is available starting at 4PM with live music on select nights.

"What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander but is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck, the turkey or the guinea hen."

- Alice B. Toklas